The Father’s Child Ministry began in June 2004 in the home of Edward and Barbara Yeates where they began to work with two boys in reaching their potential. At the start of January 2005, FCM relocated to Armstrong Middle School in Starkville, Mississippi where it is presently helping thirty-six children and twenty-seven mothers from the Golden Triangle community (West Point, Columbus, Starkville.) Even though it is a tragedy to grow up without a father in the home, our message to our children is that fatherless children have a Heavenly Father that loves and has a purpose for their lives. This is the hope that FCM shares. The Golden Triangle community is embracing FCM and helping to make it a faith-base organization that is supported by the community. The Father’s Child Ministry is a 501c (3) non-profit faith-based organization seeking to influence children to receive true hope which is found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.